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Beast is a South Korean band formed in 2009 under the label Cube Entertainment. The six members consist of Doojoon, Hyunseung, Junhyung, Yoseob, Gikwang and Dongwoon. B2STAUS is a fansite that has been uniting Beast fans, also known as B2UTIES since September 2011. As a fansite, our aim is to provide the latest news for not only Australian B2UTIES, but the fans all over the world. Feel free to join our facebook group or follow us on twitter where we can meet, converse and share news about Beast.「
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Beautiful Show 2013 in Seoul - Documentary 7
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Wide forehead..b2ut♥ ya know?

Trans: B2STAUS

So i’m sure everyone knows about Yoseob’s insta upload of b2st and psyduck

It’s actually a screencap from this video HAHA

[FROM:BEAST] Son Dongwoon “Hello”


With Inkigayo today, BEAST’s first week of broadcasts comes to a close.
It feels so good to see that the responses are good from everywhere
For an album to be released, so many considerations from Cube staff and all the BEAST members are taken
This song is a good song, but too weak for performance
This song doesn’t have the BEAST’s song color that people are looking for
Etc etc… so before we release an album, we get so sensitive and live in fear with uncertainty until we start promoting
Of course it was really hard for Junhyung hyung in particular

I’m always think about how to repay you guys
Our fans and us, we aren’t even blood related
But for our fans who love us as much as our family and our friends
We are thankful without any doubts and we try so hard to become better
But I don’t know if that message got across
I think the way for us to repay you guys is through music and our performances
I hope that you guys can smile a little because of our music and I hope you guys can cry when you are feeling sad
To make that happen, we give it our all every time we step on that stage
In the past, it was about “how should we add the ad-lib to this part” or “how should we use this skill do make ourselves better”
But now we hope that everything soaks into the lyrics, we try our best to sing genuinely
That way it won’t be a fake song and people listening can also relate to it..

These days I’m living with the strength of optimism
Of course we are all either staying up all night or sleeping 1-2 hours
And it’s hard not to be tired and exhausted, but every single moment we are thankful
To be honest, we do complain about tiny little things
But the fact that we can do what we love in front of thousands and ten thousands of people
Is really something to be thankful about, but because of those little things if we forget to be thankful
And start becoming arrogant… then I believe that we don’t have the right to go up any higher
In the past there were so many things I didn’t know about because my life was so busy
When we head out in the early morning our fans, who also didn’t sleep more than us,
Would be shouting with all they had cheering for us… I’m so sorry for not thinking of that earlier

I promise that I will continue to give more of my positive energy with a smiling face

To be honest I don’t really know what I am trying to say
But I guess its something like
I am just really thankful that you guys love us and we will repay back all of it
During recordings and fan signing we just exchange jokes and laughs
And because I’m embarrassed to say this I’m writing it all down through a post

Thank you^^

To our B2UTIES who always lit up the pathway where BEAST was supposed to go
Thank you so much and we love you
Let’s keep running well for this promotion as well!